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Gulliver's Travels: A Voyage to Lilliput
Tourist Attractions
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Attractions of the Island of Lilliput

The Lilliputian Hotel Resort:  Come and stay in the most luxurious living spaces on the island of Lilliput away fro the distractions of the capital city Milenda.  The resort lies right alongside the coast of the island providing easy access to the beach as well as a beautiful scene of the horizon.  You'll for sure be treated like a giant, well...that is if you can fit inside the resort!
The Lilliputian Empire Zoo:  Come and admire the all the native plant and animal life that inhabit all of Lilliput.  You are guaranteed to enjoy observing the lifestyles of these super miniature versions of the animals we are used to seeing.  They fit right inside the palms of your hands.  You'll just have to look really, really close.
The Lilliputian Annual Parade:  Be one of the first to witness one of the largest events of the year on Lilliput.  Watch millions of 6-inch tall human beings march and parade in a festive manner down the miniature roads of the capital city.  Just don't happen to fall asleep on the ground anywhere nearby.  Who knows what could happen?!?
The Lilliputian Olympics:  Not only are these special sporting events entertaining, but you also will be witnessing the placement of high governmental positions in society.  The stakes are high for these athletic competitions.  Winners become powerful political officials while high-jumping over sticks in the presence of the emperor.

The following are original, fictitious tourist attractions that we think would possibly be present on the island of Lilliput based on the novel.